Secure Communications Advisors Australia (SCAA) has over two decades of experience in the wireless and telecommunications market. From the beginning of the Internet and the need to connect to the new electronic world SCAA has been there crossing new horizons.

SCAA has grown to become a National IT & Communications Company with coverage across Australasia. Our consultant teams are taught to never forget the company’s history and heritage and to always follow these core beliefs:

  • Understand your clients – Take the time to ask client how their business works
  • Be their one stop shop – Offer an end-to-end solution where possible
  • Don’t sell, assist – Consult, review and advise on all product options that are right for the client.
  • Think Big – Exceed the current needs and allow for future growth.
  • Be the best – Stay informed, certified and ahead of the market

During your obligation free initial consultation we will ask many questions and give you many options; whether you are a small business or a large enterprise we can unify your technology to reduce your costs, increase productivity and give you more opportunities through technology to attract new customers to grow your business.

We divide our portfolio into six distinct pillars that make it easier to plan your IT strategy and for us to find the right products and price point to suit your needs:

  • Devices: Notebooks, Servers, Printers, Point of Sale & Handheld Devices
  • Phones: All telephony including VoIP, mobile, softphone and video conferencing
  • Software: Windows, Linux, VMWare, Office, EDI, FMS, WMS, ERP,
  • Networking: Advanced Wireless System, Switching, Routing, WAN & Internet Services
  • Security: Security Testing, Endpoint Device Management, IP Cameras, ID Cards
  • Service: Installation, remote support and monitoring, 24/7 helpdesk, Managed Services.

Your IT strategy is a long-term commitment. We want to be there for the long haul with you as your partner making sure you do not stray down a path of no return or end up with outdated overpriced solutions that can become a burden. Our long-term commitment to our customers along with our value based business philosophy always ensures you have a true business partnership going into the future.


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