Secure Communications Advisors Australia (SCAA) has over two decades of experience in IT and telecommunications. From the beginning of the Internet SCAA has focused on providing SMEs with a exceptional service and solutions that meet our clients commercial and technical objectives.

As a result, SCAA has built a long term base of clients (some who have been with us for more then 20 years) as well as coverage across Australasia.

Our consultant teams are taught to never forget the company’s history and heritage and to always follow these core beliefs:

  • Understand your clients – Take the time to ask client how their business works.
  • Be their one stop shop – Offer an end-to-end solution where possible.
  • Don’t sell, assist – Consult, review and advise on all product options that are right for the client.
  • Think Big – Exceed the current needs and allow for future growth.
  • Be the best – Stay informed, certified and ahead of the market

During your obligation free initial consultation we will ask many questions and give you the ability to make and informed decision.  Our clients have a variety of goals from reduced risk and optimised costs, to implementing IT that delivers a competitive advantage.

We believe IT strategy is a long-term commitment. We want to be there for the long haul with you as your partner making sure you do not stray down a path of no return or end up with outdated overpriced solutions that can become a burden. This commitment to our customers along with our value based business philosophy means we view every client as a true partner upon which we aspire to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

As a SME focused organisation, we have a vast wealth of experience across:

  • Financial Services.
  • Legal Services.
  • Healthcare.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Retail.
  • Tourism, Travel Agents and Aviation.
  • Real Estate.